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Corporate Governance

Governance Dialogue between Newly Appointed Outside Directors

Since its establishment, UACJ has been aware of the importance of management diversity and has taken steps to strengthen the Company’s governance. In June 2018, we welcomed two new outside directors, whose additions increased the number of independent outside directors to one-third of the Board of Directors and enhanced the influence of independent views in Board discussions. The two new directors are both corporate management veterans who add to the diversity of experience from which the Board can benefit.
In August 2018, the two new directors participated in a dialogue in which they drew on their corporate management experience to discuss mainly governance but also important issues UACJ is facing and two major policies for the mid-term management plan that begins with fiscal 2018 - steadily generating returns on past investments and increasing capital efficiency with an emphasis on ROIC. In addition, the two directors talked about how they, as outside officers, can help UACJ achieve further growth under its new management organization.

New outside directors who participated in the dialogueNew outside directors who participated in the dialogue
New outside directors who participated in the dialogue

See “A Dialogue between Two Outside Directors” in UACJ Report 2018

Social Initiatives

Work Reforms that Enhance Job Satisfaction

The work reform movement has come to Japan and is in full swing. UACJ supports the intentions behind the movement and is moving forward with its own work reforms to increase productivity and employee job satisfaction. A project is moving forward throughout the Company to manage work hours with consideration for balancing job and home responsibilities, outside interests, self-development, and time to unwind.
Work done by highly motivated employees is work that pleases customers, so society needs companies where employees are highly motivated. Starting from that idea, we are striving to improve the quality of work, before looking at ways to reduce work hours, to raise productivity and create environments where employees can work with a positive outlook.

Core project members
Core project members

Environmental Initiatives

Startup of a Casting Line that Cuts Energy Usage and Promotes Recycling

A new casting line has been started up at Tri-Arrows Aluminum Inc.’s Logan Mill, one of UACJ’s principle North American manufacturing locations. As a result, recycled aluminum now makes up approximately 80% of the raw material for the can stock made by the Company.
Using recycled aluminum as a raw material cuts the energy needed to produce ingots by about 97%, greatly reducing the environmental impact of this process. Using recycled aluminum also lessens the amount of used beverage cans that are discarded as waste. By reliably supplying high-quality aluminum, UACJ helps to reduce environmental impacts through its business activities - for example, by reducing the weight of automobiles - but we are also working to reduce the environmental impacts of our business activities.

Casting furnace at the Logan Mill
Casting furnace at the Logan Mill