Statement on UK Modern Slavery Act

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Statement on UK Modern Slavery Act for FY 2018

1. Business Profile of the UACJ Group

The UACJ Group has been expressing its Management Philosophy as “The UACJ Group strives to offer products and services deserving of our customers’ satisfaction and trust, and believes that sound and sustainable business development is key to making broad-reaching contributions to society.", while deploying various aluminum products worldwide, centering on the UACJ Corporation, an aluminum plate manufacturer. The UACJ Group consists of nearly 70 companies, combining UACJ Company and its consolidated subsidiaries, and has a total of about 10,000 employees (as of March 31, 2019).

See the UACJ Corporation website for details on the business of the UACJ Group.

2. Our policy on forced labor and human trafficking

To realize the UACJ Group’s Management Philosophy, the UACJ Group set forth “The UACJ Group’s code of conduct” that includes provisions which our group’s officials and employees shall comply with. The UACJ Group’s code of conduct stipulates that we shall follow the international code of conduct relating to human rights, including but not limited to the International Bill of Human Rights and laws and regulations in each country and region, while striving to respect human rights in the whole of our business activities, and never accept forced labor, human trafficking, or child labor, etc.

3. Our efforts to prevent forced labor and human trafficking

Our group carries out training concerning the UACJ Group’s code of conduct every October to December for the companies' officials and employees, and confirms our policy on the respect for human rights and our efforts thereto. In Fiscal 2018, we additionally explained the details of the UK Modern Slavery Act to the general affairs and human resources departments of each company in the group and instructed them to keep all of their employees informed of our policy. Furthermore, we exhibited the “CSR Provisions” to our supply chains and are requesting them to make the same efforts as our group does.

4. Further efforts

The UACJ Group continues to request our suppliers’ cooperation in complying with “CSR Provisions” to prevent forced labor and human trafficking in the supply chains, as well as educating them in respect for human rights.

This statement was approved by the UACJ Corporation’s CSR Commission on October 21, 2019.

October 31, 2019

Representative Director & President
UACJ Corporation