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Director, Member of the Board (outside and part-time)

Picture of Ryoko Sugiyama, Director, Member of the Board (outside and part-time)

Ryoko Sugiyama

Born on July 27, 1955

Professional Background

May 1996 Established Sugiyama & Kurihara Environmental Consultants, Inc.,
Representative Director
December 1997 Director, Gifu Shimbun
December 1999 Director, Gifu Broadcasting System, Inc.
August 2007 Director, Sugiyama & Kurihara Environmental Consultants, Inc.
December 2009 Owner of Gifu Shimbun
April 2010 Professor, Fuji Tokoha University (currently Tokoha University)
Faculty of Social and Environmental Studies (stepped down March 2017)
June 2010 Director (outside), Lecip Holdings Corporation
May 2014 Owner, Director and Chairman, Gifu Shimbun
June 2015 Director, Member of the Board (outside), UACJ Corporation
January 2016 Representative Director of General Incorporated Foundation (currently Public Interest Incorporated Foundation)
Gifu Sugiyama Memorial Foundation
June 2016 Director (outside) and Audit and Supervisory Committee member,
Lecip Holdings Corporation
June 2017 Director (outside), Kurita Water Industries Ltd.
December 2018 Owner and Representative Director, Gifu Shimbun
December 2019 Chairman and Director, Gifu Shimbun