The UACJ Research & Development Division

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Concentrating resources, for research and development of revolutionary next-generation products and technologies.

UACJ offers a very wide range of products, including rolled, extruded, cast and forged products, as well as processed aluminum products using these items as raw materials. Our products cover a wide range of uses, with everything from household aluminum foil to products such as H-II rocket tank materials which are used in the aerospace industry.

The Research & Development Division holds sole responsibility for all research and development at UACJ, from product and application technologies development, to the development of foundational technologies related to material design and manufacturing processes. The division aims to satisfy customer needs in a speedy manner, while also staying one step ahead of the times by pursuing development of revolutionary products and technologies. The division also carries out analysis with structural testing equipment, such as the latest transmission electron microscopes available.

In addition, to help aluminum contribute to the fight against climate change, we are accelerating R&D aimed at reducing CO2 emissions through recycling and other means.

Picture of The UACJ Research & Development Division

The UACJ Research & Development Division

Chitose 3-1-12, Minato-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 455-8670, Japan
TEL: 81-52-651-2100
FAX: 81-52-651-8117

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Major Research Themes

  • Technologies related to materials development
  • Process design
  • Application and processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Evaluation

Our R&D Activities

Research Results

Technology and Research Journals section introduces the UACJ's research achievements.

Technology and Research Journals

UCo-Creation by U-Al Lab.

U-Al Lab. was established in the R&D Center in February 2019 as a place to promote UACJ's co-creation activities. In this facility, various exhibits encourage visitors to "see, touch and feel" the technology in an effort familiarize people with aluminum technology.
U-Al Lab. is divided into the Innovation Room and the Rekishi Miraikan (the “Hall of the Historic Future”). In the Innovation Room, visitors can experience technology by viewing exhibits and explanatory videos about the basics of aluminum and core technologies. In the Rekishi Miraikan, visitors learn about the history of technological development since the establishment of the Company through exhibits and videos.
U-Al Lab. will continue to promote co-creation activities for future technologies, so please contact us if you are interested.

Innovation Room

History and future Room