Management Policy

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Message from Management
A message for shareholders and investors from top management, with information on UACJ Group results and outlook.
The UACJ Group’s Long-term Roadmap, UACJ Vision 2030
An introduction of our long-term management vision looking toward 2030.
Mid-term Management Plan
An introduction to our Third Mid-term Management Plan, which we are positioning as the plan to reinforce our foundations in preparation to realize the long-term management vision.
Special Feature
Information on UACJ's initiatives toward becoming a highly competitive aluminum supplier in the global marketplace.
Management Presentation Materials
Presentation materials used to explain management directions and strategies can be downloaded in PDF file format.
Corporate Governance (to Sustainability)
Information on UACJ’s basic policy on corporate governance, and matters such as internal controls and executive compensation.
Board of Directors (to About Us)
Introducing Company directors and auditors. We present photos and CVs of each officer.
Risk Management
This section provides information on risks that could affect our operating performance, share price and financial condition.
Articles of Incorporation (to About Us)
The UACJ Articles of Incorporation.
ESG-related Information
Links to the UACJ Group’s ESG information, materiality, and other topics.

Some of the information posted on our website contains references to future results. The posting of such information does not constitute a guarantee of future results, and the information is subject to risk and uncertainty. Please be aware of the possibility of different future results caused by changes in the environment or similar factors.