Special Feature

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Broadening aluminum’s usages and applications with a forward-looking approach to the market
Playing a central role in aluminum recycling
Special Feature: The UACJ Group is meeting brisk demand in the market while aspiring to help build a better world and healthier environment
Special Feature: Making the most of aluminum’s recyclability to promote a circular economy
Special Feature: The Shape of UACJ to Come Providing Solutions with Added Value
Special Feature: R&D on Automotive Aluminum Materials
Special Feature: Promoting Automotive Parts and Materials as Strategic Products Underpinning Our Business Expansion
Special Feature: Research & Development Division Handling the Development of Innovative Products and Technologies
Special Feature: Ongoing Expansion of Production Sites in Asia
Special Feature: Ongoing Expansion of Production Sites in Asia
Special Feature: Expanding Business in North and Central America
Special Feature: Developing a Global Supply Network
Special Feature: New Thailand factory: Combining quality and cost-competitiveness

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