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Passing down a “Brighter World” over the next century

Aluminum is an essential material that supports our daily lives.
It is a material that is freely transformable in its shape and has unlimited potential.
It can be infinitely recycled as the same product, which is a unique characteristic that differentiates aluminum from other materials.
Simply put, aluminum is the sustainable material of choice.

The UACJ Group has both cutting-edge technologies and seasoned expertise to realize aluminum’s full potential as a material.

This wisdom and passion has been built up over 100 years, and with it, UACJ seeks a future in which the Earth will continue to be beautiful and bountiful.
We are resolved to grow businesses that are environmentally friendly, and committed to solve the various challenges of society that we face across the globe.

We contribute to create a healthy and harmonious society where everyone can feel Well-being.
Our employees value diversity inherent in society, and we look to harness this diversity to create synergies with our stakeholders and local communities.

A brighter tomorrow with aluminum.
A beautiful planet and a sustainable society for the next generation of the future.
These principles are what the UACJ Group believes the “Brighter World” is all about.

* Promoting Dei-ay means that promoting a culture of opportunity and merit based on Values.

UACJ Group Sustainability Policy

1. Contribute to sustainability through technologies and innovation

The UACJ Group shall contribute to the sustainability of society and the global environment by applying the technologies and expertise it has accumulated over its history to offer innovative solutions.

2. Work together with stakeholders

The UACJ Group shall forge partnerships and collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders and people across society in its efforts to help make the world more sustainable through its business activities.

3. Respect the individuality of diverse members

The UACJ Group shall take steps to ensure that the individuality of its diverse members is respected, regardless of their nationality, gender, age, disabilities, or other characteristics, and provide them with opportunities to apply their individual knowledge and skills to help devise innovative solutions.

Our Commitment to Sustainability
Our message through our Sustainability Logo

This logo represents our commitment to solving social problems based on the UACJ Group Philosophy in our business activities. The three circles on the left represent the UACJ Group Philosophy (our corporate philosophy, our goals, and our values). The colored dots on the right represent the 17 goals of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

The logo represents UACJ Group's belief: "Our business activities and sustainability promotion activities based on the Group Philosophy will lead to the solution of social problems."

Image (movie): “Passing down a brighter world over the next century”

Our approach to the environment for realization of a brighter world 100 years from now

For a beautiful and bountiful earth that will last for years to come

We will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society with loving care for our lush blue Earth through exploring further potential of aluminum.

UACJ Group's Environmental Concept

We are focused on creating a more sustainable society through loving care for our lush blue Earth and realizing the full potential of aluminum.

Aluminum is a material that is essential to our daily lives.
In fact, we are always within 15 feet of something that is made from aluminum!
It plays an active role in a wide range of fields, including transportation, aerospace, healthcare, packaging, civic infrastructure, defense, and information technology, to name a few.

In addition, aluminum’s unique characteristics make it an advantaged material for practical innovations to conserve resources and energy and to reduce environmental impacts.

Because we at the UACJ Group employ so many of Earth's resources in the production of aluminum, we have always taken environmental initiatives very seriously.

Not only do we comply with environmental laws, regulations, and standards as a matter of course, but we also take environmental measures from all perspectives—water, soil, air, resource and energy—including reducing intake and utilization of water as the "UACJ Group fundamentals".

And now we are expanding our vision to everything around us, including society and our planet. For example:

  • • Playing a role at the “heart” of our circular economy.
  • • Minimizing greenhouse gas emissions throughout the value chain and achieving carbon neutrality.
  • • Developing proactive activities that go beyond the protection of nature, and lead to the creation and restoration of nature, such as water resources.

It is our commitment to hand down a cleaner environment and a brighter, more prosperous society, to each succeeding generation.

UACJ's environmental initiatives

Our approach to well-being for realization of a brighter world 100 years from now

A healthy and harmonious society where everyone can feel well-being

We will contribute to the creation of a society in which each individual can feel healthy and happy, and in which this happiness will spread to all people.

Let’s fill you with "Well-being". Let’s fill everyone with "Well-being"


What does the UACJ Group believe “Well-being” is?
We believe that "Well" is a state of mind in which each of us feels healthy, fulfilled, and happy.
Our goal is that this "Well" spreads throughout our family, the people around us, our community and society, and then returns to each of us.
This is what we believe is the "Wave of Well".

What does "Well" mean to you?
When do you feel motivated to live and work?
Do you know what "Well" means to your family, friends, and colleagues?
What is "Well" for your business, community, and society?

In order for each of us to shine in our own way, the UACJ Group is here to make everyone's future "Well".

First, may you be in a state of "Well".
Then may various forms of "Well" spread like waves and overlap each other. Let’s fill you with "Well-being".

Let’s fill everyone with "Well-being".

UACJ's initiatives for well-being

“UACJ Group's Materiality” which summarizes our important initiatives to achieve sustainability.