UACJ Group's Sustainability

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Our Sustainability Approach and Policy

Passing down a better world over the next century

“Aluminum is our passion. It inspires our work in building a better world and a healthier environment.” That vision, stated in the UACJ Group Philosophy, guides the UACJ Group as it works to fulfill its purpose: “contribute to society by using raw materials to manufacture products that enhance prosperity and sustainability.” Driven by this fundamental approach, the UACJ Group makes the most of aluminum’s environmentally friendly properties in its main businesses of aluminum product manufacturing and processing to provide products and services that help reduce environmental burdens.

Environmental problems and various other issues confronting society must be firmly dealt with today so that the world’s children can look forward to a brighter tomorrow. From that standpoint, the UACJ Group will work with stakeholders to carry out various sustainability-related initiatives while drawing from the diverse talents of its employees and expertise built up over a history of more than 120 years.

UACJ Group Sustainability Policy

1. Contribute to sustainability through technologies and innovation

The UACJ Group shall contribute to the sustainability of society and the global environment by applying the technologies and expertise it has accumulated over its history to offer innovative solutions.

2. Work together with all types of stakeholders

The UACJ Group shall forge partnerships and collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders and people across society in its efforts to help make the world more sustainable through its business activities.

3. Respect the individuality of diverse members

The UACJ Group shall take steps to ensure that the individuality of its diverse members is respected, regardless of their nationality, gender, age, disabilities, or other characteristics, and provide them with opportunities to apply their individual knowledge and skills to help devise innovative solutions.