Production Technologies

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UACJ's World-class Facilities
Information on UACJ's manufacturing capabilities and global competitiveness, supported by diverse and sophisticated production facilities.
DC Casting
UACJ carries out meticulous quality control, manufacturing products including some of the world's largest slabs for sheet use, and hot-top casting for extruded billet with excellent internal quality.
Flat Rolling
Our facilities, including our 400-meter long hot-rolling mill, one of the world's largest, and our high speed cold-rolling mill, incorporate cutting-edge, computerized equipment.
We have developed and put into practice the world's most advanced extruding technologies, allowing us to mold a variety of aluminum alloys and shapes with precision and efficiency.
Casting and Forging
Our proprietary processes combine years of expertise with state-of-the-art technologies, allowing us to meet our customers' most sophisticated needs.
Coating and Surface Treatment
Using our integrated coating and surface treatment line for can materials, we produce world-class reliable products. We also apply special surface treatments to add conductivity, workability, stain resistance, ultra weather resistance, and other properties.