Precision-machined Products

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Automotive parts, heat exchangers, plant equipment and other parts and materials for the industrial sector

(Picture) Precision-machined Products

As an integrated manufacturer in the metal processing sector, UACJ provides a host of products, parts and materials used by the industrial sector, including such areas as automobiles, rolling stock and other transportation equipment; medical and food product manufacturing equipment; plant equipment; construction materials; and industrial arts products.


  • Diverse processing technologies that enable integrated manufacturing from the planning and design stages
  • Precision machining equipment enabling a variety of processing
  • Appropriate solutions deriving from expertise in metal materials

Product Applications

  • Industrial equipment
  • Heating and cooling products
  • Transportation equipment
  • Construction materials and facility products
  • Equipment related to pharmaceuticals and food products
  • Products for industrial arts facilities, temples and shrines
(Picture) Parabolic antennas
Parabolic antennas
(Picture) Large aluminum tanks
Large aluminum tanks
(Picture) Pools
(Picture) Aluminum bats
Aluminum bats
(Picture) Aseismic materials
Aseismic materials
(Picture) Charnel houses
Charnel houses