Philosophy and Values

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Management Philosophy

The UACJ Group strives to offer products and services deserving of our customers’ satisfaction and trust, and believes that sound and sustainable business development is key to making broad-reaching contributions to society.

Company Principles

In order to implement our management philosophy, the UACJ Group acts according to the following principles, and promotes an organizational structure in line with these precepts.

  1. We will strive for active and impartial communication with all of our stakeholders, and will always place stakeholder trust first when acting.
  2. We will act according to strict ethics, comply with laws and regulations, and proactively contribute to the environment and society. We will avoid all connection with criminal or subversive elements, and fulfill our responsibilities as a corporate citizen.
  3. In order to earn our customers’ satisfaction and trust, we will tirelessly strive to improve our quality, technical and on-site expertise.
  4. We will nurture staff by creating safe and positive work environments.
  5. We will consistently adopt a global and long-term outlook, and adapt flexibly to changes in the business environment, such as globalization. We will respect the laws, cultures and customs of each country, and contribute to the development of their societies.