The UACJ Way

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Aiming to realize the UACJ Group Philosophy, UACJ created the UACJ Way as a set of basic guidelines for all employees to follow. Founded on the principles of safety and compliance, the UACJ Way expresses a path forward for actions in accordance with the three values of respecting and understanding our associates, embracing honesty and foresight, and being curious and challenging. All members of the UACJ Group are expected to follow these shared guidelines so that the Group can continue contributing to people’s livelihoods and their communities for many years into the future.

The UACJ Way

The UACJ Way

Respect and understand your associates

  • Value and contribute to your workplace’s efforts to engage with the local community
  • Accept diversity and respect people’s values
  • Communicate openly with your co-workers while placing importance on individual and team development
  • Contribute to making your workplace more positive and dynamic

Embrace honesty and foresight

  • Follow the Group’s 5-gen principle*
  • Sincerely respond to the expectations of stakeholders by helping the Group manufacture genuine products with integrity
  • Stay ahead of emerging trends and play an active role in protecting the environment

* The 5-gen principle is a concept used by manufacturers in Japan that stresses the importance of the place where relevant activities happen (genba), relevant things (genbutsu), actual conditions (genjitsu), know-how (genri), and rules (gensoku).

Be curious and challenging

  • Be inquisitive about changing trends and take on challenges while helping the Group provide products and services needed by society
  • Aim to be creative and innovative in your work with a forward-looking perspective