Corporate Slogan and Brand Message

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Aluminum lightens the world
				Today, through the supply of high-quality aluminum,
				the UACJ Group is committed to improving people’s lives
				and helping to realize a more sustainable society.
				Aluminum has been in use for about 200 years. It first
				attracted attention for its robust composition, high
				functionality and workability. Other qualities, such as
				high recyclability and light weight, have long made the element
				important in reducing the environmental impact of industry.
				Now, as the world places great value on sustainability,
				expectations for aluminum are even higher.
				For more than 100 years, the UACJ Group
				has combined technological expertise and creative
				inspiration to develop a mastery of aluminum.
				Today, our focus is sharper than ever.
				How can we expand the possibilities of aluminum
				to create a better global environment?
				We believe we will make the world lighter and brighter.