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The UACJ Research & Development Division
Information on the role played by the Research & Development Division in the creation of UACJ’s revolutionary next-generation products and technologies.
Our R&D Activities
At UACJ we pride ourselves on “knowing everything there is to know about aluminum.” The following is a rundown of our variety of advanced technologies, which cover everything from materials development to product evaluation, including process design, application and processing, and manufacturing.
Aluminum's Characteristics
Like iron and copper, aluminum is used in a broad variety of fields in both professional industries and everyday life. Aluminum is a multifunctional material that is full of promise, because it possesses special characteristics such as lightweight strength, superior workability, and high heat and electrical conductivity.
Aluminum Alloys
Aluminum for industrial use having a purity of 99.0% or higher is considered pure aluminum and aluminum to which various elements have been added is known as aluminum alloy. Here we present the special characteristics and applications of the rolled metal-use alloys used in products such as sheet, rod, and forged products.
Aluminum Processing
Materials produced by rolling, extruding, forging, and casting are treated in various ways, turning them into finished products. There are a variety of aluminum processing technologies, from shaping, which entails processes such as pressing, bending and squeezing, to bonding, cutting, sectioning and surface treatment.

UACJ casting technology