UACJ Technical Reports (Technology and Research Journal)

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"UACJ Technical Reports" is a technical and research journal that describes the UACJ Group’s research results and introduces new products and technologies.

"UACJ Technical Reports" is a newly published technical and research journal that combines two previous regular publications, the "Furukawa-Sky Review" and the "Sumitomo Light Metal Technology Report."

Aimed at becoming the leading informational and academic periodical on technological developments related to aluminum and aluminum alloys, copper and copper alloys, this journal contains the UACJ Group’s leading-edge technological and development information.

The Latest Review

Vol. 4 No. 1 (Fiscal 2017)

UACJ Technical Reports Vol. 4, No. 1 (Fiscal 2017)


  • Technical Papers: The 50th Paper Award of Japan Institute of Copper
  • Technology Articles: Control Technologies for Rolling
  • Products: Fillerless Brazing Technology "MONOBRAZE®"

Back Issues

Vol.3(Fiscal 2016)


UACJ Technical Reports Vol.3, No.1 (Fiscal 2016)

Vol.2(Fiscal 2015)


UACJ Technical Reports Vol.2, No.2 (Fiscal 2015)

Vol.2(Fiscal 2015)


UACJ Technical Reports Vol.2, No.1 (Fiscal 2015)

Vol.1 (Fiscal 2014)


UACJ Technical Reports Vol.1, No.1 (Fiscal 2014)

Furukawa-Sky Review
Furukawa-Sky Review, the technical and research journal published by former Furukawa-Sky Aluminum.
Sumitomo Light Metal Technical Reports
Sumitomo Light Metal Technical Reports, the technical and research journal published by former Sumitomo Light Metal Industries.
(Japanese version only)