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For fields demanding thinner components of even greater precision

MICRO SHAPE are products that address the growing demand for more advanced, more lightweight and thinner components of even greater precision in fields such as electronics. By employing specialty extrusion technology, it becomes possible to create high-precision, thin components using medium- to high-strength alloy materials, which would have been impossible with conventional technology. As even complex shapes can be handled, high dimensional accuracy is achieved.


Medium- to high-strength alloys that can still be formed into small, precise shapes

Previously, it was difficult to create small, high-precision shapes using medium- to high-strength alloys. MICRO SHAPE are products that are medium- to high-strength yet have a small, thin-edged shape that is consistent throughout the metal structure. They are suitable for a wide range of applications that demand strength and the highest level of quality, such as aircraft and robots.

Cross Sectional Macro-Structure of Section A of an Aluminum Extruded Shape

Thin edges enable a shape to be made lighter

MICRO SHAPE enable the manufacturing of shapes that have thin edges from medium- to high-strength alloys, which was difficult to achieve through traditional industrial production.
Furthermore, edges can be made even thinner by using soft alloys.
Making edges thinner decreases the weight of a product and realizes cost reductions, and it can also be used in advanced designs. For example, when used in heat exchangers, it can increase surface area, thereby enhancing heat release and transfer performance and processability.

Thin edges enable a shape to be made lighter

The difference is a single-digit dimensional tolerance

Please look at the comparison of the dimensional tolerances of MICRO SHAPE and JIS special-grade materials.
MICRO SHAPE can be manufactured to a strict dimensional tolerance of just a single digit.
This means that manufacturers can cut down on after-processes for refining dimensions, such as milling and drawing, reducing costs.
Also, when applied to fitted slide rails, guide rails, and the like, precise motions can be realized.

Soft Alloy Example

Standard Specifications

Dimensional tolerance (representative values)

  • Circumscribed circle shape with a diameter of 58 mm or less
    Across the width: ±0.10–0.20 mm
    Edge thickness: ±0.05–0.10 mm
    (May vary depending on shape, please ask for details.)
  • Circumscribed circle shape with a diameter of over 58 mm
    (Applied tolerances may vary depending on shape, please ask for details.)

Product shapes

Previous limits to factors such as edge thickness and cross-sectional area have been widely removed.
Pursue the utmost limits demanded by designs.


MICRO SHAPE can be applied to all aluminum alloys for expanded materials, from pure aluminum to medium- to high-strength alloys. It offers applications in all fields.

  • Transport machinery including automobiles, rolling stock and aircraft
  • Construction, electronics, heat exchangers, etc.