Bright & High Gloss

High-Gloss Aluminum Alloy Sheets

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For reflective panels in copiers and lighting, etc.


High-gloss aluminum alloy sheets that boast outstanding reflectance. Ideal for use in reflective panels and the like, as there is no excessive reduction in gloss even after alumite treatment. Simple bend working is also possible.

Types of High-Gloss Materials

  • Four Levels of Gloss: Comes in four levels of gloss from the highest reflectance SL to the standard HB.
  • Wide Range of Applications: The SL product, in particular, loses none of its extreme glossiness even after alumite processing. These products can be clear coated or alumite processed depending on usage environment or other factors, so they are perfect for wide range of applications.
  • Outstanding Corrosion Resistance: Our high-gloss aluminum alloy sheets are pure aluminum, so they are extremely corrosion resistant.
  • Beautiful Color Tones: Being very amenable to surface treatment, alumite processing can be applied to bring out the uniquely beautiful color tones of aluminum.


  • Reflecting plates for photocopiers, reflectors for lighting devices, etc.
  • With the exceedingly glossy surface of the base material, high-gloss aluminum alloy sheets can be used untreated or with alumite processing. They are suitable for use in either flat or simple curve configurations


Types and strengths

Surface finish level Alloy type Temper Mechanical properties
UACJ designation JIS designation Tensile strength
Elongation (%)
SL W13C1 - H18 175–215 2–6
A370 - H18 165–195 2–6
LF A85 1085 H26 135–140 7–13
A70 1070 H26 135–145 6–13
SB,HB A50 1050 H24 125–135 7–18
H26 145–155 3–7


Surface finish level Surface roughness
Ra (μm) (transverse)
Regular reflectance (%) Diffused reflectance (%)
Longitudinal Transverse Longitudinal Transverse
SL 0.01–0.02 85
1.0–2.5 6–15
LF 0.02–0.03 79
1.3–3.0 8–18
SB 0.02–0.03 78
1.5–3.0 8–20
HB 0.03–0.05 74
2.0–4.0 18–30

Changes in Glossiness of High-Gloss Material

Glossiness change resulting from alumite processing

Glossiness Change Resulting from Alumite Processing

Changes in glossiness over time

Changes in Glossiness Over Time (Indoor)

Changes in glossiness due to heating

Changes in Glossiness due to Heating