Group Information Security Policy

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Based on the UACJ Group philosophy and the “UACJ Way”, a set of basic guidelines, UACJ Corporation and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as "UACJ Group") manage and practice information security in order to protect the information assets entrusted by customers and business partners, and the information assets owned by UACJ Group from the threats such as incident, disaster and crime, and to respond to the trust of society.

Scope of Application

This policy applies to officers and employees of UACJ Group.


1. Governance

Under the leadership of management, UACJ Group establishes an organization for information security, and defines information security measures as formal internal rules to improve and maintain the governance.

2. Compliance with Laws and Contractual Requirements

Each company in UACJ Group complies with laws, regulations, codes, and contractual obligations that apply to its own company related to information security. In the event of incidents, UACJ Group takes appropriate actions to prevent a recurrence.

3. Education for Officers and Employees

UACJ Group conducts education and training so that officers and employees can learn the knowledge and skills necessary for information security.

4. Continuous Improvement

UACJ Group regularly evaluates the actions related to information security, and reviews them as necessary to promote continuous improvement.