Relationships with Investors

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UACJ actively pursues information disclosure and dialogue with investors in advancing its global IR activities.

Communication with Investors

UACJ discloses information in a timely and appropriate manner and engages in two-way communication with the intention of improving shareholder and investor understanding of the UACJ Group and building and maintaining long-term relationships of trust.

Due to the difficulty holding in-person meeting during the COVID-19 pandemic, in fiscal 2021 we conducted our financial results briefings online and also held our first online IR Day. We are continuing to improve our communications with shareholders and investors, for the pandemic conditions as well as ordinary conditions, by conducting interviews on our website, disclosing financial results and other materials in both Japanese and English simultaneously, and distributing IR video content.

We are also seeking to increase engagement between our IR directors and shareholders and investors through one-on-one meetings and meetings in-person in Japan and via the website for people overseas as best suits the situation. Further, in fiscal 2021 we held our first large-scale seminar for individual investors and strengthened our IR activities for both institutional investors as well as for a wider range of investors.

Main IR Activities

  • General Meeting of Shareholders (annually)
  • Results briefings (4 times a year)
  • IR Day (1 time a year)
  • One-on-one meetings with overseas institutional investors (6 countries/2 times a year)
  • Small meetings with the President of UACJ (3 times a year)
  • Business briefing for individual investors (1 time a year)
  • Small meeting with the director in charge of IR (1 time a year)
  • Small meeting with foreign executives (1 time a year)
  • Small meeting with outside directors and shareholders (1 time a year)
  • *Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, results briefings were conducted four times a year, with two meetings in person and two meetings via teleconferencing. During the pandemic, results briefings have been held online four times a year.

Providing Information through Various IR Tools

The UACJ Group disclosures information via various IR tools, including the To Our Investors newsletter for shareholders and investors, the UACJ Report in which we explain financial and non-financial data in an easy-to-understand manner, and in our information communications to individual investors.

Nikko Investor Relations, which has been providing an annual survey of all Japanese listed company websites since 2003, has ranked the UACJ Corporation homepage among the top corporate websites in Japan and has given it a sector ranking of AAA Website for nine consecutive years.

IR Tools (Investor communications, UACJ Reports)

Dividend Policy

UACJ considers the distribution of dividends to shareholders to be an important means of returning profits. Our basic policy is to maintain stable and consistent dividend payments while comprehensively considering our business performance trend and the funding needs for investment to enhance corporate value, for research and development to strengthen our competitiveness, and for strengthening of our financial position.

In fiscal 2021, we raised the full-year dividend to ¥85 per share.