Message from the Executive in Charge of CSR

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Promoting the evolution of the
Group’s CSR based on
global standards

Teruo KawashimaDirector, Member of the Board, &
Managing Executive Officer

Promoting socially and environmentally conscious business activities as an aluminum product manufacturer

People worldwide are becoming increasingly aware of the sustainability of society and the global environment.

Against that backdrop, it is more important than ever for companies to fulfill their corporate social responsibility (CSR). In sync with this trend, the UACJ Group has been stepping up efforts to engage with local communities and make its workplaces more comfortable and flexible for employees, while promoting environmentally conscious business activities by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and cutting down on industrial waste, among other initiatives. As a flat-rolled aluminum manufacturer, the Group is working to proactively facilitate the recycling of aluminum products, in particular, in recognition of its obligation to help realize a recycling-oriented society. Nevertheless, inspections related to compliance with GRI Guidelines and ISO 26000 global standards have made us aware that some aspects of the Group’s performance are falling short and need improvement. Therefore, we are intent on enhancing and broadening our CSR activities through the following two initiatives.

Promoting CSR group-wide and raising awareness among all employees

The first initiative involves setting up a group-wide organization to promote CSR. At present, our CSR activities are carried out independently by each workplace and group company. In the future, however, we plan to strengthen those efforts and systematically organize and implement them on a group-wide scale. Toward that end, we will clearly designate an organizational framework for promoting CSR and specify tasks for each workplace and group company to pursue based on group-wide policies and goals. We will also have them implement a plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle to monitor their progress and level of achievement.

As a second initiative, we will implement measures to raise awareness of CSR among employees. Instead of having CSR activities implemented by designated departments, we want the activities to be performed on a group-wide level through a framework that allows each of the Group’s employees to participate in some way. Through that process, all employees will become more aware of how the Group’s business activities affect society and the environment, whether positively or negatively, and consider what role they can play to help. In other words, we hope to raise employees’ awareness of CSR by having them become directly involved in related activities.

Centrally managing CSR activities to improve their effectiveness

In the current fiscal year, we initiated a materiality analysis in connection with our CSR activities. Through future discussions with stakeholders in and outside the Group, we intend to designate specific material issues and announce them sometime in fiscal 2020. Furthermore, we plan to centrally manage our related CSR activities and integrate them in our next mid-term management plan using non-financial targets in order to improve the Group’s performance and results.

As the executive officer in charge of the Group’s CSR, I will make sure these two initiatives are executed until our activities and results progress beyond global standards. We will do our utmost to ensure that the UACJ Group fulfills its social responsibility so that it can continue earning the trust of stakeholders around the world.