Relationships with Local Communities

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The UACJ Group engages in various types of activities to not only contribute to society through business activities as a good corporate citizen but also coexist with and contribute to local communities as a corporate group trusted by society.

Basic Approach

The UACJ Group places great value on coexisting with the communities where we pursue business activities. We, therefore, support activities promoting environmental conservation, the development of children, the well-being of people with disabilities, local festivals, and other locally oriented activities.

Promoting Employee Participation

At UACJ, we encourage employees to participate in volunteer activities by not only inviting them to join in company activities supporting social welfare, disaster recovery, environmental conservation, and other such causes but have also implemented a volunteer leave system* that supports social participation by individual employees.

* Under the volunteer leave system, employees are allowed to take paid time off, separate from their regular paid leave, to participate in volunteer activities.

Environmental Protection and Neighborhood Cleanups

The UACJ Group, in its pursuit of CSR activities rooted in local communities, actively participates in the beautification activities of local governments and cleans areas adjacent to its plants.

Support for Education and Research

The UACJ Group provides support for university and other research institutions, and for community-based cultural and arts activities. We also participate in the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s commissioned research, are moving forward with the development of a joint industrial-government-academia development program for young engineers and university students, act as a corporate practical training venue for the Super Science High School, support training activities sponsored by the Japan International Cooperation Agency, and support other types of education and training initiatives, as well, inside and outside Japan.

Internship System

The UACJ offers internships to 10-15 university (including graduate school) and technical college students every year. Participants are given a chance to experience actual operations in R&D and production technology departments, and in so doing gain a better understanding of the value of study and research in an academic environment and what it means to work at a company and in society.

Disaster Response Support for Communities

Nagoya Works

Supporting the City of Nagoya’s aims under its program for making the city more resilient against natural disasters, the Nagoya Works has signed a memorandum of understanding with a local committee working to prepare the Nakagawa school district for natural disasters. The agreement is for the provision of materials and equipment for responses to large-scale disasters. By entering into this relationship, the works is cooperating with the City of Nagoya’s efforts to have communities and companies work together to improve their area’s ability to deal with major disasters.

Other Forms of Communication

Nagoya Works

The Nagoya Works holds the Inari Festival, which begins with a dedication ceremony at Inari Shrine, located on the grounds of the works, in April of every year. The festival is attended by local residents and serves as an opportunity for deepening communication with local communities.

The Nagoya Works also actively co-sponsors and participates in festivals, and sporting and other events, held by local communities.

Inari Festival (UACJ Corporation, Nagoya Works)
Inari Festival (UACJ Corporation, Nagoya Works)