Initiatives for Society

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Basic Concept

The UACJ Group believes that being a business that contributes widely to society requires understanding the expectations of stakeholders and responding to their trust. We see product safety and quality control initiatives, supply-chain management, human resource development and diversity, and the provision of safe, healthy work environments as having importance not only for us but for society, as well, and do our best to achieve progress in all of these areas, with their social benefits in mind.

Fiscal 2019 Key Objectives and Results

  Fiscal 2019 Objectives Fiscal 2019 Results Assessment Fiscal 2020 Objectives
Quality and Customer Satisfaction Zero major quality problems Four incidents (Fewer than in fiscal 2018) × Major quality problems (quality anomalies): Reduce the number of quality problems by half vs. the prior fiscal year for the Group as a whole. (Aim for zero problems at each business location) 
10% or greater reduction in complaints (both those involving claims for damages and those that do not) compared to fiscal 2018 13.2% reduction compared to fiscal 2018 10% or greater reduction in complaints (both those involving claims for damages and those that do not) compared to fiscal 2018
Human Resource Development and Diversity Make women 40% of the new career-track college graduates hired into administrative positions and 10% of technical positions Hired a total of 37 new career-track college graduates, including 6 women.
Women accounted for 43% of administrative positions filled and 10.0% of technical positions.
Have women account for at least 20% of hires in each employment category (Administrative, research, technical/engineering, etc.)
By fiscal 2020, increase the number of female managers to twice the end-of-fiscal-2015 figure Seven female managers.
As of the end of fiscal 2019, increased the number of female managers by 100% compared to the end-of-fiscal-2015 figure .
By fiscal 2021, increase the average engagement survey score for "likelihood of recommending own company to somebody else" by at least 3.0 points on average
Provision of Safe, Healthy Work Environments Develop a way to retain institutional memory of major workplace accidents Completed development of a system for educating all employees on major workplace accidents the Group has experienced in the past Creation of a system for maintaining awareness of past major accidents
Enhance training for mid-career hires and employees undertaking new positions Implemented new training policies throughout the Group for employees undertaking new positions · Continue experiential safety training
· Enhance safety and health training for mid-career hires

Looking toward the Future

In fiscal 2019, we did not achieve our goal of zero major quality problems (quality anomalies) but did meet goals for increasing the number of women in management positions and for safety and health training.

In fiscal 2020, we will continue with efforts to achieve unmet goals and, for goals already met, will strengthen initiatives to achieve further progress.