Relationships with Customers

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The UACJ Group strives to satisfy customers and earn their trust through excellence in quality, technology, and execution.

Basic Policies on Quality

  1. We will constantly strive to improve our capabilities in technological development, quality management, and frontline execution to offer products and services that earn the satisfaction and trust of customers.
  2. We will fulfill demands put before us.
  3. We will carefully consider the quality objectives we have established and results we have obtained, and allocate management resources as needed.
  4. We will undertake quality improvement activities with participation by all Group members to ensure that all employees understand our policies on quality.
  5. All Group employees will act based on a clear understanding of our stance on quality and will participate in quality improvement activities.

Quality Management System

The UACJ Group has established its Quality Committee, chaired by the Executive in Charge of Quality, as the highest organ for advancing quality management throughout the UACJ Group. The Quality Committee discusses and reports on the status of quality, significant problems, and other quality-related matters of importance for the Group.

Quality control groups have been established for each of the Group’s businesses – flat rolled products, extrusion, foil, casting and forging, copper tubing, and precision-machined components. These individual quality control groups work together with the Engineering and Maintenance Department and the leaders of organizational units, as they pursue quality management activities.

Quality Improvement Activities

A uniform, annual quality management policy has been established for the entire UACJ Group. In fiscal 2015, quality objectives and priorities were clearly stated under the slogan, “Strengthen our foundations of quality to create a leading corporate group with world-class competitiveness,” and measures for improving quality were undertaken.

Fiscal 2015 Quality Objectives

  1. Zero major quality problems (quality anomalies)
  2. 10% or greater year-on-year improvements in numbers of complaints, both those involving claims for damages those that do not.

Key Objectives

  • Identify the fundamental causes of quality problems, take corrective measures, and prevent recurrences through SDCA (Standardize-Do-Check-Action) practices.
  • Identify customer needs and increase customer satisfaction by responding to them swiftly.
  • Develop human resources whose primary job is to manage quality.
  • Promote quality management for the smooth transfer of control of products.

Through focused action on these key objectives, the UACJ Group as a whole achieved a 38% reduction in major quality problems and a 21% reduction in complaints (both those involving claims for damages and those that did not).

At present, no UACJ Group products are prohibited for sale due to major quality problems, or are the subject of a dispute.

Considering factors including our fiscal 2015 results, we decided to carry forward with the same quality objectives in fiscal 2016 under the slogan, “Elevate quality from the bottom up to create a leading corporate group with world-class competitiveness.” Key objectives reflecting our vision of the future will be established, and we will proceed with efforts to further improve quality.

Fiscal 2015 Quality Objectives

  1. Zero major quality problems (quality anomalies)
  2. 10% or greater year-on-year improvements in numbers of complaints, both those involving claims for damages those that do not.

Key Objectives

  • Identify the fundamental causes of problems to prevent both problem recurrence and human error
  • Achieve greater customer satisfaction by identifying customer needs and expectations, and rapidly responding to them
  • Secure necessary capabilities, and ensure proper understanding, by conducting appropriate education and training activities and providing employees with opportunities to learn on the job
  • Strengthen capabilities to manage technical integration and quality when transferring control products

Obtaining International Certifications for Quality Management Systems

The UACJ Group practices quality management in accordance with the international quality management system certifications obtained by UACJ and its Group companies. For Group companies that have yet to obtain these certifications, the Engineering and Maintenance Department provides support enabling quality management that conforms to international certification requirements.

Measures to Improve Customer Satisfaction

In both its management philosophy and basic policies on quality, the UACJ Group states that it will strive “to offer products and services deserving of our customers’ satisfaction and trust.”

We gather customer feedback on product quality, packaging and shipping, quality control, technology development, delivery timing, and sales conduct. We then carefully analyze this feedback, and reflect what we learn in improvement activities, while also actively pursuing new product development.

Customer feedback is also gained through events we organize to communicate directly with customers and is used to improve quality, delivery times, and product development.

Addressing Complaints

For fiscal 2015, our objectives in addressing customer complaints were: “Zero major quality problems (quality anomalies),” “10% or greater year-on-year improvements in numbers of complaints, both those involving claims for damages and those that do not.” In fiscal 2016, our efforts to achieve these objectives will continue.

Regarding major quality problems, we have created uniform decision criteria for the entire Group, share information throughout the Group, and are working to prevent recurrences of problems experienced in the past.

Responding to Customer Questions

On its website, the UACJ Group has created a page where customers can submit questions on matters such as orders for aluminum materials and technical issues concerning applications, and ask for prepared information. Regardless of the nature of the inquiry, we make a point of providing customers with swift, accurate responses.

The number of questions we receive has been averaging about 200 per year over the past several years, with 20-30% coming from overseas. Going forward, we intend to further deepen our interaction with customers and reflect what we learn in the development of new products and other activities, as well.

Awards Received from Customers

Award Recipient Remarks
Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.
Award for Quality Excellence
(November 2014)
UACJ Copper Tube Corporation Received for the 9th consecutive year for quality of underfloor heating panels
Toyota motor Corporation
Award for cost improvement excellence
Letter of gratitude for quality control
(February 2015)
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
Premium Partner
(April 2015)
UACJ Extrusion Corporation,
UACJ Trading Corporation
3rd consecutive year
Toyota Motor Kyushu, Inc.
Lexus Silver Award
(May 2015)
UACJ For achievement of quality targets for aluminum to be used in automobile body sheets

Awards Received from Outside Organizations

Award Award Description Recipient Remarks
Japan Aluminum Association
Association Award (Development Award)
(May 2015)
For development of material for pre-coated fins with outstanding defrosting performance. NALCO (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
UACJ MH (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Development participants included Mikine Sasasaki (R&D Center); Kai Kido, Naotaka Fukuda (Nagoya Works); Tetsuya Yamada (NALCO (Thailand); Minami Takahashi (UACJ MH (Thailand)
The Japan Institute of Light Metals
JILM Medal
(May 2015)
The highest honor bestowed by the Japan Institute of Light Metals, this award is presented in recognition of outstanding contributions to the advancement of scholarship or technology related to light metals. UACJ Corporation Presented to Hideo Yoshida(R&D Center)
The Japan Institute of Light Metals
Takahashi Award
(November 2015)
In recognition of meritorious skill, backed by a wealth (15-plus years) of melting and casting experience, that has contributed to the advancement of light metal cast and die-cast products, and related industrial technology.
Presented also to melting and casting craftsmen working with secondary alloys and recycled-metals.
UACJ Corporation Presented to Tatsuyoshi Shinosaki of the Fukaya Works
The Japan Institute of Light Metals
Light Metal Encouragement Prize
(November 2015)
Presented to individuals the Japan Institute of Light Metals anticipates will achieve excellence in terms of providing an outstanding framework for the advancement of academic research, and the development of technology, in the field of light metals. UACJ Corporation Presented to Mineo Asanoof the R&D Center
The Japan Institute of Light Metals
Light Metal Encouragement Prize
(November 2015)
Presented to up-and-coming researchers and engineers the Japan Institute of Light Metals anticipates will make great contributions, with results outstanding in terms of creativity and seminality in the areas of light metal scholarship or industry. UACJ Corporation Presented to Yusuke Yamamoto of the R&D Center

Dissemination of Information on New Products and Technologies

Publication of a Technology and Research Journal

The inaugural edition of UACJ Technical Reports, a publication carrying on from the technical and research journals published by Furukawa-Sky and Sumitomo Light Metal Industries until their merger, was issued in March 2015. The second edition was published in September of the same year.

UACJ Technical Reports offer readers papers on the results of basic and applied research, analyses of technologies and discussions of future development possibilities, introductions of new products and coverage of various other topics.

We plan to continue publishing UACJ Technical Reports as a tool for highlighting the UACJ Group’s latest technical achievements in terms of research results, and new products and technologies.

「UACJ Technical Reports」