Relationships with Investors

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UACJ actively pursues information disclosure and dialogue with investors in advancing its global IR activities.

Communication with Investors

At UACJ, forthright information disclosure and interactive communication are key to our efforts to meet investor expectations. Timely disclosure and communication activities promote investor understanding of the UACJ Group, and help us to build and maintain enduring relationships based on trust.

In fiscal 2016, we held telephone conferences for analysts and institutional investors following the first- and third-quarter results announcements, and results briefings following the second- and fourth-quarter results announcements. At the international level, our executive in charge of IR conducted face-to-face meetings with institutional investors. Intended to provide a better, more direct sense of who we are, these meetings were held in Hong Kong, Singapore, the U.S. (New York and Boston), and the U.K. (London and Edinburgh).

To promote dialogue with individual investors, which is also very important to us, we conducted investors-only tours of the Fukui and Nagoya works in October and November 2016, respectively. The tours were organized to provide individual investors with a better understanding of the UACJ Group and aluminum as a raw material. For fiscal 2017, tours are planned to take place again at the Fukui and Nagoya works. All of our IR activities function as a way for us to hear the opinions of investors and we incorporate what we learn into our activities and operations.

Enhancing our corporate value as we build on communications between investors and the UACJ Group is our objective moving forward.

「Disclosure Policy」

Providing Information through Various IR Tools

The UACJ Group issues shareholder communications to shareholders and other investors. Our ongoing efforts to enhance information disclosure also include the preparation of an integrated report providing clear explanations of both financial and nonfinancial information, and communications intended specifically for individual investors. The UACJ website is another important medium for investor relations and in fiscal 2016, Nikko Investor Relations Co. Ltd. ranked it the eighth best among the websites of all 3,688 listed companies, for thoroughness of content. Other outside organizations, too, have expressed praise for our investor relations activities.

「nvestor Relations」

Dividend Policy

UACJ views dividends as an important avenue for providing returns to shareholders. Our decisions on dividend payments are guided by our basic policy of making stable, ongoing payouts, and are shaped by factors such as our performance trends, and the needs to enhance our corporate value through investments, secure R&D capital to boost competitiveness, and ensure financial soundness.

For the fiscal year ended March 2017, we paid total dividends of 6 yen per share.