Copper Tube

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For Single-room Home-use Air Conditioners, Industrial Heat Exchangers and Cold/Hot Water Pipes

(Picture) Copper tube

Due to its superior heat conduction properties, copper piping is widely used in a variety of applications, such as air conditioners and heat exchangers. Additionally, with better understanding in recent years of its antibacterial properties, the demand for copper pipe is expected to expand even further. UACJ offers copper, copper alloy and titanium tube, as well as compatible products, in a wide variety of sizes and for a diverse range of uses, including air-conditioners, cold/hot water supply pipes, and building plumbing.


  • With over 100 years of in-depth experience and dependable technologies, UACJ manufactures high-quality, high-precision copper tubes.
  • With a full range of coatings, finned tubing, and other features for our copper, copper alloy and titanium tubes, UACJ offers a rich variation to meet all customer needs.
  • In order to meet expanding demand and diversifying needs, we have established production bases in countries such as Malaysia and China, as part of a powerful global network.

Product Applications

  • Air conditioners (heat exchangers)
  • Nuclear/thermal power stations (condensers)
  • Building plumbing
  • Desalination equipment (heat exchangers, pipes)
  • Cold/hot water supply pipes
  • Absorption refrigeration machines for regional heating and cooling
  • Medical gas pipes
  • Heat pipes for electronics cooling
  • Automobiles (motor parts)
(Picture) Air-conditioners (with highly efficient internally grooved tubing)
Air conditioners (with highly efficient inner grooved pipe)
(Picture) Building plumbing (copper tubes)
Building plumbing (copper tubes)
(Picture) Level wound coil (LWC)
Level wound coil (LWC)
(Picture) Copper/copper alloy tubes featuring a variety of processes and coatings
Copper/copper alloy tubes featuring a variety of processings and coatings
(Picture) Duplex tube heat exchanger coil
Duplex tube heat exchanger coil