News Room 2005 (The former Furukawa-Sky)

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2005 Message from the President (Summary)

January 4, 2005

Welcome to 2005.
It has been just over one year since Furukawa-Sky was launched. Thankfully we are taking plenty of orders and our financial outlook has exceeded expectations. Yet there is no guarantee that these favorable conditions will remain unchanged forever. At times like this it is vital to continue improving corporate value and building up Furukawa-Sky.

Our goal is to be a highly respected firm at the top of our industry -- a firm that each and every employee can be proud to work at. When things are going well as they are now, people tend to take everything for granted and forget the effort that went in to getting us to this point. I would therefore like to identify "gratitude" and "humility" as the keywords for this year.

This company is blessed with very good clients. We must do our jobs company-wide without forgetting to maintain an attitude of "gratitude" toward our clients. That is because we want people to feel confident ordering from Furukawa-Sky in terms of QCD (quality, cost and delivery) as well as research and development.

Also, one never knows how long good times will last. We cannot sit back and relax just because business is going well. We should not forget to maintain an attitude of humility and shall endeavor to improve the work we do on a daily basis in a down-to-earth, simple, and honest manner. At the same time we shall work to boost our profitability.

The policy for this year is to carry out the following five things:

  1. Publicize our management philosophy and action guidelines
  2. Achieve "zero disasters"
  3. Maximize customer satisfaction
  4. Strengthen profitability
  5. Strengthen our consolidated management