News Room 2005 (The former Furukawa-Sky)

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Notice Regarding the Capacity Expansion of our Indonesia Facilities

Announcement Regarding Merger of Our Processed Products Companies

Notice Regarding the Results of Our Third Party Placement

Notice of the Liquidation of Our Shares in Our Equity Method Affiliate Kohmi Kinzoku Co., Ltd.

Change in Our Shareholder Composition

Notice of the Decision Regarding the Public Offering Price, Sales Price and the Number of Shares to be Sold in the Over-Allotment

Notice Regarding the Issue Price and Provisional Book-Building Terms for the Public Stock Offering

Notice Regarding Our Board Meeting to Decide Upon a New Share Issuance

4,000-ton Indirect Aluminum Extrusion Press Planned for Oyama Works

Notice of Appointment of Directors (unofficial)

Acquisition of Certification of Internationally Unified Standard for Aerospace Quality Management System

A Locally Incorporated Company Handling Production and Sales of Aluminum Extrusion Products for Automobile Heat Exchangers was Established in Tianjin, China

Financial Results for the Year Ended March, 2005

2005 Message from the President (Summary)