News Room 2006 (The former Furukawa-Sky)

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A Joint Venture Sales Company for a new range of aluminum products used for the production of heat exchanger materials for automobiles

Consolidation of Our Technical Research Centers at Fukaya Works

Regarding the Selling of Stock in Yamada Light Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Announcement Regarding Partial Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation

Notice on Year-End Dividend for the Fiscal Year Ended March 2006

2006 Entrance Ceremony Welcome Speech by President Yoshihara (Summary)

Summary of the Mid-term Consolidated Management Plan for the Fiscal Years 2007 through 2010

Announcement about Expansion of the Ingot Casting Facility at Fukui Works

Notice on Change of President and Chief Executive Officer

Notice Regarding Revisions to Performance Outlook and Year-end Dividends for the Fiscal Year Ending March 2006

2006 President Message