News Room 2005 (The former Furukawa-Sky)

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Notice of Appointment of Directors (unofficial)

May 26, 2005

At the Board of Directors meeting held on May 26, 2005, appointments were decided unofficially, which are being announced here. The details will be made official after approval at the ordinary general meeting of shareholders and general meeting to be held on June 28, 2005.

President and Chief Executive Officer Masashi Kato
Representative Director
Senior Managing Director
Isao Iwabuchi
Senior Managing Director Masateru Yoshihara
Managing Director Shigenori Takayama
Managing Director Susumu Miyashita
Managing Director Mamoru Matsuo (promoted)
Director Masahiro Iwata
Director Tatsuru Matsuoka
Director Kenji Tsurubori
Director Hajime Utada (newly appointed)
Director Kozo Nishitsuji (newly appointed)
Director Osamu Sato (newly appointed)
Corporate Auditor Harumitsu Ogino
Corporate Auditor (part-time) Masao Yoshida
Corporate Auditor (part-time) Ichiro Nomura

Note: Retiring director
Executive Vice President Satoshi Fujiguchi (to become an advisor)
Director Shigenori Asami (to become an advisor)
Director (part-time) Junnosuke Fukukawa

Career Summary of New Board Candidates

Hajime Utada
Oct. 3, 1948 Kagawa Prefecture, 56 years of age
1971 Mar Graduated Kyoto University, Faculty of Economics
1971 Apr Joined Showa Denko K.K.
1992 Mar Becomes administrative manager of company's Kawasaki Plant
2001 Mar Becomes personnel group leader of company's business support center
2005 Feb Becomes company advisor (current position)

Kozo Nishitsuji
Dec. 23, 1949 Kyoto Prefecture, 55 years of age
1975 Mar Graduate of Kyoto University, Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering
1975 Apr Joins Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.
1996 Sept Becomes general manager of quality assurance at the Fukui plant of the light metals division headquarters
1998 Aug Becomes general manager of forging section at the light metals division
2001 Nov Becomes general manager of forging division at light metals company
2003 Oct Becomes general manager of engineering division (current position)

Osamu Sato
Oct. 5, 1946 Osaka Prefecture, 58 years of age
1970 Mar Graduate of Kyoto University, Faculty of Law
1970 Apr Joins Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.
1995 Jun Becomes general manager of personnel
1999 Jun Becomes director
2002 Jun Becomes managing director
2004 Jun Becomes advisor (current position)