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4,000-ton Indirect Aluminum Extrusion Press Planned for Oyama Works

June 28, 2005

Furukawa Sky plans to introduce an indirect aluminum extrusion press at Oyama Works in Tochigi Prefecture. An order was placed for the machine in June to Ube Machinery Corporation, Ltd. and operations are expected to begin in November 2006. The amount of capital investment will total approximately 1.5 billion yen.

Oyama Works currently employs 11 aluminum extrusion machines, but three of the oldest with the lowest productivity, originally installed over 40 years ago, will be scrapped and replaced by the one 4,000-ton press. No new building will be constructed to house the new machine. Instead it will be installed in the area vacated by the three scrapped extrusion machines.

Intensive production using the single 4,000-ton aluminum extruder will improve operational efficiency and raise the works's aluminum pipe production capacity.


  1. Installation site: Furukawa-Sky's Oyama Works
  2. Extruder specifications: 4,000-ton hydraulic transverse indirect double-acting extrusion press
  3. Primary extrusion output: aluminum alloy pipe
  4. Production capacity: approximately 400 tons/month
  5. Amount of investment: approximately 1.5 billion yen
  6. Start of operations: November 2006