News Room 2005 (The former Furukawa-Sky)

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Notice Regarding the Results of Our Third Party Placement

December 26, 2005

With regards to the third party placement of 5,000,000 common shares decided upon in our board of directors meetings held on October 26, 2005 and November 10, 2005, we have decided to implement the issuance of 5,000,000 common shares through Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.
With regards to the public offering accompanying our listing of our common shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Nomura Securities act as the underwriter and borrow shares from our shareholder Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. as an over-allotment in the sale of 5,000,000 of our shares.

In this third party placement with over-allotment, Nomura Securities will act as the underwriter for our shares.

1. New share issue overview
(1)Type and number of shares to be issued:  5,000,000 common stock
(2)Issue price: ¥408 per share
(3)Total value of issue: ¥2,040,000,000
(4)Amount to be included in capital: ¥204 per share
(5)Payment date: January 4, 2006 (Wednesday)
(6)Issue date: January 4, 2006 (Wednesday)
(7)Dividend reckoning date: October 1, 2005 (Saturday)
(8)Underwriter: Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.
The issue price (same price as the public offering price and existing share sale price accompanying our listing) is ¥479.40 per share, for a total value of ¥2,397,000,000.
2. Overview of the total shares outstanding resulting from the third party placement

The total number of shares outstanding after the third party placement is based on our shares outstanding as of December 26, 2005.

Current shares outstanding: 222,100,000
Increase from third party placement:  5,000,000
Total after third party placement: 227,100,000