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Furukawa-Sky's Multifunctional FUSCOAT Series of Pre-Coated Aluminum Sheets Finds Application in Floor Panel Heaters

January 17, 2013

Furukawa-Sky’s FUSCOAT series of highly radiative pre-coated aluminum sheets has found application in the radiator plates of floor panel heaters.

FUSCOAT is a type of aluminum sheet to which a multifunctional coating is applied to provide high levels of heat radiation and reflectivity and so on. Applying this coating to aluminum, which itself is a lightweight, highly heat-resistant and thermally conductive as well as highly recyclable material, creates products that meet a variety of needs in industrial fields that require high levels of quality and technology. These include construction materials, electrical and electronic components and automotive parts. The coating is applied while the aluminum is coiled, so the quality can be more consistent and at a lower cost than when the coating is applied to individual products post-processing.

The FUSCOAT product lineup consists of a variety of products that improve an array of functions, such as radiativity, reflectivity, formability, optical disk scratch prevention, and conductivity. Within this series, FUSCOAT HS coated aluminum materials, are suited for products that require heat radiation, such as in the radiator plates for floor panel heaters and in server cabinets.

In the past, heat-radiative coatings were primarily black. FUSCOAT HS on radiator plates for floor panel heating employs radiative microparticles, remaining effective even though thickness of the coating portion having a high specific heat has been reduced from approximately 26 microns to around 13 microns. Furthermore, high emissivity is high (approximately 0.94). FUSCOAT HS is a registered patent in Japan.

At the same time, FUSCOAT HS retains previous levels of formability and chemical resistance. Going forward, we expect the product to contribute to the commercialization and cost reduction of numerous products that require heat radiation.

FUSCOAT HS used in radiator plates for floor panel heating

FUSCOAT HS used in radiator plates for floor panel heating

The FUSCOAT trademark is registered with the Japan Patent Office