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Executive Officer

Picture of Keizo Hashimoto, Executive Officer

Keizo Hashimoto

Born on May 8, 1961

Professional Background

April 1984 Joined Sumitomo Corporation
September 2008 President, Sumisho Noble (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
April 2011 President, Thai Steel Service Center Ltd.
President, Sumisho Laser Welding (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
November 2013 President, Sumisho Metal (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
July 2014 Vice Chief Executive, Automotive Steel Plate and Copper Tube Division, Sumitomo Corporation
April 2016 President, India Steel Summit Pte. Ltd.
March 2018 Joined UACJ Corporation
April 2018 Department, Flat Rolled Products Division
April 2019 Executive Vice President, UACJ (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
April 2021 Vice Chief Executive, Flat Rolled Products Division (planning division)
Executive Officer
April 2022 Delegated Vice Chief Executive, Flat Rolled Products Division (planning and sales division)