Board of Directors

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Director, Member of the Board (outside and part-time)

Picture of Takahiro Ikeda, Director, Member of the Board (outside and part-time)

Takahiro Ikeda

Born on July 9, 1951

Professional Background

April 1975 Joined Mitsubishi Kasei Kogyo (now Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation)
April 2006 Mitsubishi Chemical (now Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation) Executive Officer
Deputy General Manager, Polymers Division
April 2007 Executive Officer
General Manager, Chemicals Division
July 2008 Dia Chemical Co. Ltd., President
June 2010 Mitsubishi Rayon (now Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation), Managing Executive Officer
April 2013 Director and Managing Executive Officer
April 2015 Advisor (stepped down March 2016)
April 2016 Itochu Chemical Frontier Corporation,
Executive Advisor (stepped down March 2018)
May 2016 T.I. Associates, Representative Director
June 2018 Director, Member of the Board (outside),
UACJ Corporation