Environmental Initiatives

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Basic Stance

The UACJ Group is thankful for the earth and the abundance of life it supports. That feeling underlies our basic stance on the environment, and we have publicly declared our aim to reduce our environmental burden in all aspects of our business activities.

The economic activities of humankind are now of such a scale that they are having enormous impacts on the global environment and giving rise to various problems, including extreme weather, imbalances in ecosystems, and depletion of natural resources. These are sustainability risks for the UACJ Group and ultimately for the earth. Our basic stance on the environment, therefore, is to ascertain what we can do to lower our environmental burden and then work steadily to achieve what is possible.

Fiscal 2015 Objectives and Performance

  Fiscal 2015 Objective Fiscal 2015 Performance Assessment Fiscal 2016 Objective
Elimination of Serious Environmental Accidents Zero accidents Zero accidents 1 accident × Zero accidents
Measures to Fight Global Warming Reduction of energy used per unit of production 3.2% increase per unit of production × Reduction of energy used per unit of production
Realization of a Recycling-Oriented Society Reduction of waste generated per unit of production 2.2% increase per unit of production × Reduction of waste generated per unit of production
Continuation of zero emissions* Continuation of zero emissions Continuation of zero emissions
Chemical Substance Control Reduction of PRTR-controlled VOC emissions per unit of production 4.0% reduction per unit of production Reduction of PRTR-controlled VOC emissions per unit of production
  • * Within the UACJ Group, “zero emissions” is defined as direct landfill disposal of less than 1% of all industrial waste generated.

Looking to the Future

In fiscal 2015, objectives for reducing energy used per unit of production and industrial waste generated per unit of production were not achieved due to the overwhelming impact of a decline in production volume. In fiscal 2016, as well, it is possible that we may face various hurdles in achieving our objectives. Nevertheless, with new ideas and persistence, we will continue with efforts to achieve our objectives.

Picture of Tatsuro Matsuura, Managing Executive Officer
Managing Executive Officer
Tatsuro Matsuura

Comment by the Executive in Charge

With heightened environmental awareness around the globe, attention is refocusing on potential uses for aluminum and copper in various fields. Both of these metals stand out for their thermal conductivity, workability, and recyclability. And the UACJ Group, as a comprehensive manufacturer in the global markets for aluminum and copper products, is making the most of the characteristics of these metals to contribute to society. Our products make automobiles lighter and air-conditioning equipment more efficient, increase the recycling rate for beverage containers, and help to lower environmental burden in other ways, as well. Through actions such as the construction of one of the world’s largest furnaces for recycling used beverage cans, at Logan Aluminum Inc. (located in Louisville, Kentucky), and the establishment of a facility for producing aluminum materials for use in making body panels for automobiles, at Constellium-UACJ ABS LLC (located in Bowling Green, Kentucky), we are creating a product supply system that will effectively contribute to the lowering of environmental burden on a global basis.

Furthermore, in an initiative aimed at supporting social contributions through our products, we are working to reinforce understanding of our Group-wide environmental stance at all UACJ Group companies throughout the world, acting to ensure that all Group employees are keenly aware of environmental issues, and pushing ahead with energy-saving and industrial waste reduction measures at all of our manufacturing locations.

Looking to the future, the UACJ Group is united in its pursuit of environmentally conscious management to support the realization of a sustainable society.

Environmental Management
Information on our own unique environmental audits, environmental education, and other concrete steps we have taken to advance environmental activities in accordance with our basic environmental policies.
Business Activities and Environmental Impacts
To reduce the environmental impacts of our business activities, we go to great lengths to determine how we are affecting the environment. We report our results for every fiscal year in the form of material balance information.
Fighting Global Warming
Actual data for the fiscal year under review and information on the steps we are taking to fight global warming in our production processes, logistics, and offices.
Chemical Substance Pollution Prevention
Information on the steps we take to prevent air, water, soil, and groundwater pollution, and on our PCB management, responses to asbestos problems, measures for dealing with dioxins, and other chemical substance management initiatives.
Resource Conservation and Waste Reduction
Actual data for the fiscal year under review and information on our initiatives for reducing industrial waste and effective use of water resources.
Environmental Consideration in Products
Information on our objectives in making products that are friendlier to the environment.