Environmental Initiatives

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Basic Stance

The UACJ Group is thankful for the earth and the abundance of life it supports. That feeling underlies our basic stance on the environment, and we have publicly declared our aim to reduce our environmental burden in all aspects of our business activities.

The economic activities of humankind are now of such a scale that they are having enormous impacts on the global environment and giving rise to various problems, including extreme weather, imbalances in ecosystems, and depletion of natural resources. These are sustainability risks for the UACJ Group and ultimately for the earth. Our basic stance on the environment, therefore, is to ascertain what we can do to lower our environmental burden and then work steadily to achieve what is possible.

Fiscal 2016 Objectives and Performance

  Fiscal 2016 Objective Fiscal 2016 Performance Assessment Fiscal 2017 Objective
Elimination of Serious Environmental Accidents Zero accidents Zero accidents Zero accidents
Measures to Fight Global Warming Reduction of energy used per unit of production 0.4% increase per unit of production × Reduction of energy used per unit of production
Realization of a Recycling-Oriented Society Reduction of waste generated per unit of production 6.0% decrease per unit of production Reduction of waste generated per unit of production
Continuation of zero emissions* Maintained zero-emissions performance Continuation of zero emissions*
Chemical Substance Control Reduction of PRTR-controlled VOC emissions per unit of production 1.0% reduction per unit of production Reduction of PRTR-controlled VOC emissions per unit of production
  • * Within the UACJ Group, “zero emissions” is defined as direct landfill disposal of less than 1% of all industrial waste generated.

Looking to the Future

In fiscal 2016, the objective for energy used per unit of production was not achieved largely because of a decline in production volume.

In fiscal 2017, we will take additional steps and try new approaches to achieve progress toward our objective.

Managing Executive Officer
Hiroyuki Fukui

Comment by the Executive in Charge

When the Paris Agreement took effect in November 2016, countries throughout the world turned their attention to the common goal of reducing CO2 emissions. Aluminum and copper have characteristics that make them excellent materials for this purpose, and demand for them is rising throughout the world. At its Logan Mill in North America, UACJ uses recycled aluminum to produce raw material that will be used mainly to make aluminum beverage cans. North America is also the focus of a supply system we have established to provide automobile manufacturers with aluminum products they are using in increasing quantities to meet rising fuel efficiency standards in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. In fiscal 2016, we started operations at a plant that produces aluminum materials for use in automotive body sheet. We also added to the Group the company with the top brand in automotive structural materials and parts, and took other steps to meet the projected increase in demand.

By not only reducing our own environmental impact – for example, by implementing energy-saving measures at individual production sites and ensuring that all Group employees thoroughly understand our environmental policies - but also helping to lower environmental impact through our products, the UACJ Group is striving continuously to promote the realization of a sustainable society.