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1. About the Use of IR Information

The purpose of the IR information contained herein is to provide UACJ and affiliated company financial information and management data and is not intended to make any kind of representation or guarantee.

Information available on this website is not intended to encourage investment. When investing, do not make decisions based solely on the information available on this website. Investment decisions are the responsibility of the individual.

2. About the Information on This Website

We take meticulous care to ensure the accuracy of all the information on this website, however, we are not responsible for erroneous information or data falsification by a third party, nor any damages resulting from downloaded data, etc., regardless of the cause.

3. About Forward-Looking Statements

Some information on this website pertains to forward-looking statements and future earnings. These statements are not a guarantee of future earnings, but rather address the risks and uncertainties faced by the Company. Please be aware that actual prospects and earnings may differ from forecasts as a result of changes in the business environment and other factors.

4. About the Operation of This Website

Without advance notice or warning the operation of this website may be temporarily or permanently halted and content may be altered as necessary. There is also a possibility that this website may not operate correctly due to issues in the telecommunications environment, the condition of the user’s computer or a variety of other reasons. UACJ does not accept responsibility for any trouble or damages resulting from any of the above circumstances.