Special Feature(July 2016)

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Special Feature : Research & Development Division Handling the Development of Innovative Products and Technologies

R&D Structure Comprising 300 People One of the Largest
in the Global Rolled Aluminum Industry

UACJ’s Research & Development Division single-handedly undertakes R&D tasks for the Company, ranging from the development of products and application technologies to technological development related to material design and production processes. Comprising some 300 researchers, this division is one of the largest in the global rolled aluminum industry. Taking advantage of the expertise accumulated over many years, leading-edge IoT and AI* technologies, and high-precision analysis equipment, the division explores new possibilities for aluminum and works to generate products that will be of use to society. By collaborating with customers and participating in national projects, the division is focusing its energies on developing new products and technologies centered on growth fields, such as energy, the environment and transportation equipment.

Trial production plant that recreates a customer’s production environment
High-performance scanning electron microscope for observing down below the 1μm level

* IoT: Acronym for the Internet of Things, the concept of using the Internet to connect many of the items around us

  AI: Artificial intelligence

UACJ-Developed Products in Fields Slated for Demand Growth

Participating in a National Project to Help Make Transportation Equipment More Lightweight

Through participation in the Innovative Structural Materials Association, established with the support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, we are working on the development of the world’s strongest aluminum materials—stronger than extra super duralumin. In the future, these materials are likely to be used in a variety of transportation equipment.

Steady Adoption in Electric Vehicles and Other Next-Generation Products

UACJ’s aluminum has been stipulated for adoption in electric cars and various other next-generation products that are expected to become popular going forward.

Used in the MRJ, Japan’s First Domestically Manufactured Regional Jet

The fuselage and primary wing of the MRJ, Japan’s first domestically manufactured regional jet, will use aluminum alloys, allowing for the lightweight, complex shapes specific to small aircraft. UACJ’s products will be used in these components.

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