Disclosure Policy

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1. Basic Policy

UACJ makes every effort to provide timely information to all our stakeholders on an ongoing basis in a transparent and fair manner and in observance of the Securities and Exchange Law as well as the rules and regulations stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

2. Information Disclosure Method

The disclosure of material information is done in accordance with the timely disclosure rules and regulations stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). After explaining the information to the TSE, it is made public via TDnet, an electronic information disclosure system operated by the exchange.

After being published on TDnet, the same information is promptly provided to the news media and posted on our corporate website.

With regard to non-material information and news pertaining to the Company, in keeping with the principle of timely disclosure, our policy is to provide fair and accurate disclosure of appropriate information.

3. Items Related to Earnings Forecasts and Future Prospects

Plans, future prospects and strategy, other than past or present facts, plans and prospects for future earnings, are determined based on currently available information.

As a result, actual results may differ from forecasts due to various risks faced by the Company, instability and uncertainty and changes in economic conditions.

4. Quiet Period

To prevent the leak of earnings information and ensure fairness, we observe a quiet period that begins three weeks before the earnings announcement and ends on the day of the earnings announcement. During this period, we do not answer questions or make comments related to earnings.

However, in the event that it is discovered during the quiet period that actual earnings will vary considerably from those forecast, we will make a public announcement of this in accordance with disclosure regulations.

Even during the quiet period, we will still answer questions about information that has already been made public.