Friction-Resistant Products for Compressors

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Used in Components for Coolers, EcoCute and Other Air-Conditioning Devices

Picture of friction-resistant products for compressors

A wholly owned subsidiary of UACJ, Higashi Nihon Tanzou Co., Ltd., produces forgings at a wide range of temperatures, including cold forging, warm forging and hot forging. Its high-silicon wear-resistant alloy (TF Series) is used in compressor pistons and to improve wear on forged scroll components. Customers rate this material highly for its high strength and low degree of thermal expansion at high temperatures.


  • Warm forging and hot forging methods can also be used with hard materials having inferior processability (4032, 7075 alloys, and others) to produce desired shapes.
  • As the resulting shape is near that of the finished product, yield is improved, saving material.
  • As dimensional precision is good, the forged surface can be used as is, reducing machining cost.

Product Characteristics

Characteristics of wear-resistant materials

Material characteristics are for elemental (before forging) refined T6.

Tensile characteristics

Alloy Test temperature Tensile strength
Yield strength
TF10B 25°C 360 280 13
TF12B 25°C 435 380 8
150°C 390 365 11.5
4032 25°C 380 315 9
6061 25°C 310 275 12

Wear resistance

Graph of Wear resistance

Linear expansion coefficient

Graph of Linear expansion coefficient

Forging Process

Fig. Forging Process

Shaping Methods

Methods of shaping aluminum alloy forgings

Fig. Methods of shaping aluminum alloy forgings

Production System

Manufactured by Higashi Nihon Tanzou Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of UACJ.

Higashi Nihon Tanzou Co., Ltd.

Established September 1968
Capital 50 million yen
Address 4-5-11 Joto, Oyama-shi, Tochigi 323-0807
Sales volume 635 tons/year (forgings FY 2011)
Employees About 50
Major parts Car air conditioner parts, package air Conditioners, room air conditioner parts, Automobile and bicycle parts, aerospace parts, and fire extinguisher parts

Picture of Higashi Nihon Tanzou Co., Ltd.

Picture of Car air conditioner parts
Car air conditioner parts
Picture of Package air conditioners / room air conditioner parts
Package air conditioners / room air conditioner parts
Picture of Automobile and bicycle parts
Automobile and bicycle parts
Picture of Aerospace parts
Aerospace parts
Picture of Fire extinguisher parts
Fire extinguisher parts