Lithographic Sheets (Presensitized Plate)

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Aluminum Sheet for High-Quality Lithographic Sheets

Picture of lithographic sheet (presensitized plate)

Aluminum is the ideal material for lithographic sheet because it is lightweight and recyclable. An electrochemical process gives aluminum sheets the surface roughness suitable for lithographic sheet. Therefore, aluminum sheets are commonly used as supports for lithographic sheet.


  • We produce sheets with superior surface quality—no dirt or surface defects.
  • Heat treating keeps the sheet from changing shape by giving it excellent anti-thermosoftening characteristics.
  • Excellent materials are used that are not distorted and that offer the high degree of planarity required of the lithogrqaphic sheet.
  • Electrochemical processing is used to ensure consistent surface roughness.

Product Characteristics

Chemical composition of aluminum alloy 1050 for standard LPP (wt%)

Alloy Tempering Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Zn Ti Al
1050 H18 0.25 or less 0.40 or less 0.05 or less 0.05 or less 0.05 or less 0.05 or less 0.03 or less minimum 99.5

Mechanical property of aluminum material for typical presensitized plate

Alloy Tempering Tensile strength
yield strength
1050 H18 160 150 3

Pattern diagram of roughened aluminum plate material

Brush graining

Fig. Brush graining

Nitric acid graining

Fig. Nitric acid graining

Hydrochloric acid graining

Fig. Hydrochloric acid graining
Observation photo
after nitric acid graining

Production and printing process

Fig. Production and printing process