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A Host of Aluminum Foil Products

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The base aluminum, a production material used in the later processes of making aluminum foil (which is between 0.006 mm and 0.2 mm in thickness), is itself about 0.3 mm thick. Made from relatively pure aluminum, foil is used in wrapping food products, pharmaceuticals and other products. In addition to household foil and other daily necessaries, aluminum foil is used in industrial products, such as in electrolytic capacitors and accumulators for lithium-ion batteries.


  • Using the latest casting furnaces, special filters are employed to reduce inclusions during the casting process, lowering the chance of pinholes in products.
  • We select and develop alloys that customers use for a variety of applications.
  • We conduct various types of research and development with aluminum foil manufacturer Nippon Foil (a wholly owned subsidiary of Furukawa-Sky).


  • Packaging for food products, pharmaceuticals and other items
  • Household foil and other daily necessaries
  • Electrolytic capacitors, the collectors of electrode in lithium ion batteries…the list goes on

Typical Uses, by Aluminum Foil Thickness and Alloy

Fig. Typical Uses, by Aluminum Foil Thickness and Alloy

Battery foil used in lithium ion batteries

We produce the foil material (foil base) that is in used in collectors of electrode and laminates for lithium ion batteries. Demand for these batteries is increasing for use in compact home electronics and automobiles.

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