Bright & High Gloss

Bright Aluminum Alloy Sheets

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For reflective panels and decorative components

Trim mold
Trim mold

An aluminum alloy with a beautiful finish, which features a high gloss achieved through chemical polishing. It has excellent corrosion resistance and is ideally suited to use in decorative materials and reflective panels for lighting, where luster is required. Highly formable processes such as deep drawing and stretch forming are also possible.

High-Gloss Material Types

High levels of gloss–Achieved through processes of electrolytic and chemical polishing. These are often applied to decorative materials due to their beautiful luster.

  • Outstanding workability: Various tempers are available for use in a number of applications high in processing, such as deep drawing and stretch forming.
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance: A lack of additional chemical elements means confidence in these alloys keeping their high levels of corrosion resistance even in the most harsh of environments.
  • A diversity of options: A whole variety of material types and surface grades are available to meet the needs of a world of applications.


Molds, decorative materials, reflective implements for lighting, and more. Can be used wherever high levels of gloss are necessary, made possible through electrolytic and chemical polishing.
In addition to flat sheets and bent forms, other highly formable processes such as deep drawing and bulging are also possible.


Types and strength

Material designation Temper Mechanical properties Surface finnish level
UACJ JIS Tensile strength
Elongation (%)
A85 1085 H26 120 15 LF.HB
A370 - 0 85 40 BF.MF
H24 120 23
257S 5110 0 110 30 HB.BF.MF
H24 150 15
F57S - H26 170 12 HB.LF.BF
B152S 5252 H24 220 10 BF
Trim mold
Trim mold
Reflective implements for lighting
Reflective implements for lighting