“MF Tube” Ultraprecision Extruded Aluminum Tube

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Condensers for automotive air conditioners, room air conditioners

Picture of “MF Tube” Ultraprecision Extruded Aluminum Tube

MF Tube is an extruded mini tube for multi-flow condenser to be used in automotive air conditioners. It is a light weight flat tube having 10 to 20 minute holes for refrigerant passage to enhance its heat exchanging performance, and it has on its surface a Zinc-arc-sprayed layer of excellent corrosion resistance. MF tube is also used for room air conditioner outdoor unit.


  • Ultra compact and light weight (1mm thickness and 30g/m unit weight) enables automotive air conditioners to be overwhelmingly smaller and lighter.
  • Use of type 1000 alloy, which has good thermal conductivity, with many tiny holes, delivers excellent heat transfer performance.
  • Target zinc spray volume of 10g/m2 provides strong resistance to pitting corrosion and boasts around 10 years of market wearability.


  • Condensers / evaporators for automotive and room air conditioners

Schematic of condenser and MF tube

Fig. Condenser
Picture of MF tube and multi-hole flat tube
MF tube and multi-hole flat tube

MF tubes are 1.5 mm thick and 16 mm wide and some have as many as 10–20 holes with diameters of less than 1 mm. Such products require ultrasmall precision extrusion technologies.

Production Technologies

Ultra precision extrusion technology

Fig. Ultra precision extrusion technology

Zinc-arc-spray technology

Fig. Zinc-arc-spray technology