Aluminum Alloys for Lithium-Ion Battery Housing Cases

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For large lithium-ion battery housing cases

UACJ supplies high-strength aluminum alloys that help to realize thinner lithium-ion battery housing cases. They have been praised for the resulting cost reductions, and have a solid track record in the consumer goods sector. They are also ideal for use with large in-vehicle lithium-ion battery housings.


MG212 is a high-strength material in the 3000 series, which is ideal for use with large, in-vehicle lithium-ion batteries.

Solid track record in the consumer sector
In-vehicle lithium-ion battery housing case

Properties Comparison

A newly developed alloy enabling 20–30% gauge reduction

耐膨れ性 耐クリープ性

Mechanical & material properties

Alloy Temper Mechanical properties Material properties (within same temper) Features
Tensile strength
Yield strength
Bulging resistance Creep resistance Square tube formability Laser weldability
MG212 O 174 62 28 Excellent balance of properties
H14 245 225 5
3003 O 119 52 37 Al–Mn alloy materials
H14 170 160 6
1050 O 83 38 46 × × Pure-aluminum materials
H14 110 105 5