Precision Extruded Materials for Pneumatic Equipment

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For the aluminum bodies of instruments and cylindrical applications

Picture of Precision Extruded Materials for Pneumatic Equipment

In recent years, customers have demanded such aluminum extrusion materials as aluminum body materials with large circumscribing circles and uncut internal piping, and cylinders with apertures on the upper end. Our unique die technologies and metal flow analysis enables the mass-production of such products, helping customers to reduce the number of cutting processes and hold down production costs.


  • Providing the long cross sectional shapes (30 kg or less per unit) required of air cylinders and other products
  • Mass production of pneumatic cylinders with internal surface roughness to the prescribed quality that defines their lifeline (replacement specifications)
  • Requests for weight reduction are taken into consideration from the design stage.


  • Cylinders used in the field of pneumatic equipment

Product Characteristics

Chemical composition of applicable alloys

Alloy Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Ti Other Al
Individual Total
6063 0.20–0.6 0.35 or less 0.10 or less 0.10 or less 0.45–0.9 0.10 or less 0.10 or less 0.10 or less 0.05 or less 0.15 or less Remnant

Mechanical characteristics of applicable alloys

* Typical values

Alloys, by quality Tensile strength (N/mm2) Yield strength (N/mm2) Stretch (%) Hardness (Hv)
6063-T5 250 220 15 78
6063-T6 255 225 14 87