Furukawa-Sky Review No.6 (April 2010)

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Lithosheet : View of Market Trends from Bridgnorth Aluminium

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Simon MacVicker

The investment by FSA to purchase 25% of the equity of Bridgnorth Aluminium was completed in late March 2009. This article aims to inform the reader about the trends in litho sheet.
Bridgnorth Aluminium is strongly focused on lithosheet, with approximately 80% of its sales volumes dedicated to this market. The graphic arts market is changing constantly as innovation in digital technology allows Bridgnorth Aluminium's customers to constantly improve their products and processes, all with the ambition to give all of us as consumers, in what we read, ever higher quality, lower cost, and a good environmental performance. Bridgnorth Aluminium's strategy is to be the world leader for quality, and the company is supporting its customers in the way it manages, develops and invests in its business.

Bridgnorth Aluminium Ltd.

Bridgnorth Aluminium Ltd.

FSA capital participation to BAL.

FSA capital participation to BAL.
From the left, Managing Director Lambros D. Varouchas of Elval, Former Vice President Isao Iwabuchi of Furukawa-Sky Aluminum and Managing Director Simon MacVicker of Bridgnorth(2009)

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