Furukawa-Sky Review No.2 (April 2006)

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Effect of Material Properties of Aluminum Alloy Sheet on Bottom Wrinkling of Can Body

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  • 鈴木 覚
    Satoshi Suzuki
  • 藤田 和子
    Kazuko Fujita


Weight reduction of aluminum cans has been achieved along with technical progress, and the downgauging of material has continued simultaneously. But in this case, bottom wrinkling tends to occur easily during the redrawing process of the can body. So far, lowering of material strength has been thought to be an effective measure to prevent bottom wrinkling, but there are limits to such an approach, because the can strength is reduced. A few papers have discussed the relationship between material properties and bottom wrinkling. In some reports, it is said that increasing the work-hardening rate prevents bottom wrinkling. In this paper, we investigated the effect of the solid solution and precipitation state of Mn in A3004 alloy on the work-hardening rate and bottom wrinkling, and examined the correlation between the two properties. It was found that an increase of Mn solid solution content causes an increase of the work-hardening rate and a marked improvement of bottom wrinkling. It was verified for a material of high Mn solid solution content that the axial strain is large in the wrinkling-prone area. It was thought that wrinkling is suppressed because the excess thickness caused by diameter reduction when redrawing is absorbed by the axial deformation.

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