Furukawa-Sky Review No.9 (April 2013)


High Strain Rate Blow Formability of Newly Developed Al-Mg-High-Mn Alloy

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  • Tomoyuki Kudo
  • Akira Goto
  • Kazuya Saito

Blow forming accompanied with superplasticity makes possible the forming of complex parts, which cannot be formed by cold press forming. The conventional superplastic AA5083 alloy ‘ALNOVI®-1’ developed by the Furukawa-Sky Aluminum Corp. shows high superplasticity because of its fine grain and is widely used for blow forming. However, for mass production of components, an Al-Mg alloy with finer-sized grains is needed. In this research, the newly developed high Mn version of the Al-Mg alloy‘ALNOVI-U’ is used, and this material possesses grains finer than those of the conventional AA5083 alloy. The effects of finer grain size on the blow formability at high strain rates over 10-2/s and the properties of the resulting moldings were studied.

技術論文 / Technology Articles

  1. High Strain Rate Blow Formability of Newly Developed Al-Mg-High-Mn Alloy
  2. Al-Mg-Si系合金の再結晶集合組織形成に及ぼす冷間圧延率の影響
    Effect of Cold Rolling Reduction on Development of Recrystallization Textures in an Al-Mg-Si Alloy
  3. ろう付加熱後に180℃熱処理したAI-Mn-Cu系合金の粒界腐食感受性
    Intergranular Corrosion Susceptibility for AI-Mn-Cu Alloys Subjected to Heat Treatment at 180℃ after Brazing Process
  4. アルミニウム合金の腐食試験における酢酸の孔食促進効果
    Effects of Acetic Acid on Pitting Corrosion Acceleration in Corrosion Tests of Aluminum Alloys
  5. Al-Mn系合金のしきい応力に及ぼすマグネシウム添加の影響
    Effects of Magnesium Addition on Threshold Stress of Al-Mn Alloys

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