Furukawa-Sky Review No.6 (April 2010)

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High-Strength and Heat-Resistant Aluminum Alloys

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  • 小山 克己
    Katsumi Koyama


Soon after aluminum came into existence as a lightweight material, high-strength aluminum alloys were developed in concert with the rapid evolution of aircraft in which superior specific strength is always demanded. In this paper, the history of high-strength and heatresistant aluminum alloys and their applications to aircraft will be presented. Metallographic comments on the general as well as specific aging phenomena of high-strength aluminum alloys will also be included, since age hardening is essential for strength enhancement in aluminum alloys. Moreover, efforts to prevent delayed fracture and rapid crack propagation, which constitute a problem especially in high-strength aluminum alloy materials, will be presented.

技術解説 / Technical Papers

  1. 高強度・耐熱性アルミニウム合金
    High-Strength and Heat-Resistant Aluminum Alloys
  2. 最近の鋳造技術
    Recent Casting Technologies for Aluminum

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