Furukawa-Sky Review No.1 (April 2005)

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Development of Aluminum Beverage Can Stocks

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  • 鈴木 覚
    Satoshi Suzuki
  • 松本 英幹
    Hideki Matsumoto
  • 田尻 彰
    Akira Tajiri
  • 村松 俊樹
    Toshiki Muramatsu


Weight reduction of aluminum cans has been achieved, year by year, by means of reducing can end diameter and improving shell form. This paper deals with the earing control technology of can body stock corresponding to reduction in can end diameter and the manufacturing technique of can end stock corresponding to new shell forms with a high buckle resistance. In terms of the body stock, we have improved our tandem hot finishing mill in the Fukui Works from the three-stand to the four-stand, in order to obtain a high orientation density of cube in the hot band, and have developed a low-earing can body stock using this hot rolling line. In terms of the can end stock, we have developed a high-formability can end stock by controlling the second phase particles and the final cold rolling reduction. Recently, weight reduction of cans and decreasing of can stocks thickness are apparently stagnated, but new type aluminum cans have begun to appear in the Japanese market attaching importance to environmental issues, re-seal function and design. So, it is anticipated that new characteristics will be needed for these cans.

一般論文 / Articles

  1. 飲料用アルミニウム缶材料の開発
    Development of Aluminum Beverage Can Stocks
  2. Al-Mg-Si合金板材の曲げ加工性に及ぼす粒界組織の影響
    Effects of Microstructural Features of Grain Boundary on the Bendability of Al-Mg-Si Alloy Sheets
  3. Al-Mg合金板の降伏応力異方性に及ぼすミクロ組織と転位セル壁配列の影響
    Effects of Microstructure and Arrangement of Dislocation Cell Walls on the Yield Stress Anisotropy in Al-Mg Alloy Sheets
  4. ろう付加熱時のろう侵食に及ぼすブレージングシートの焼鈍条件の影響
    Effect of Annealing Conditions of Brazing Sheet on Erosion during Brazing
  5. Al-Siろう材合金中のSiサイズによるろう付性の変化
    Change in the Brazeability of Brazing Sheets with Different Si Particle Size in Al-Si Filler Alloy Layer
  6. アルミニウム合金鋳塊におけるバットカール現象のシミュレーション解析
    Numerical Simulation of Butt Curl Phenomena during Aluminum DC Casting

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