Furukawa-Sky Review No.4 (April 2008)

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Rolling Technology for Aluminum Sheet and Plate

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  • 菱川 滋
    Shigeru Hishikawa
  • 小林 博幸
    Hiroyuki Kobayashi


Furukawa Sky Aluminum manufactures a variety of aluminum sheets and plates by means of rolling process, which is capable of volume producing high-quality aluminum rolled products at low costs. In the rolling process, various aluminum alloy slabs prepared by melting and casting are processed into final products of specified thickness through hot rolling and cold rolling, whereby the products undergo various treatments to provide superior performance in terms of metallographic structures, mechanical properties, dimensional accuracy and surface quality. Control technologies applied over the rolling process include automatic thickness control, crown control in hot rolling, plate temperature control and automatic flatness control. Roll coating formation in hot rolling and surface defects caused by abrasion dust in cold rolling present problems specific to aluminum rolling, and efforts are made to prevent these disadvantages through development of new facilities and suitable setting of process parameters.

技術解説 / Technologies

  1. アルミニウムの板圧延技術
    Rolling Technology for Aluminum Sheet and Plate
  2. アルミニウム押出材の製造技術
    Manufacturing Technology for Aluminum Extrusions
  3. 自動車へのアルミニウム適用に向けた接合技術
    Aluminum Joining Technology for Automotive Applications

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